International Initiatives


One of the most important aspects of building a global community is giving young people and adults opportunities to understand and celebrate diversity.  The Y helps people to develop cultural competencies and the key skills to collaborate with their peers around the world.  A global curriculum in camping and afterschool programs to international service-learning opportunities and partnerships, the Y gives people the knowledge, experience and confidence to successfully interact in our increasingly globalized society.

Locally, our YMCA has the following International Initiatives:

  • Overseas Partnership – Our Y has a partnership with the YMCA in Hokkaido, Japan.  A group leader brings students from the Sapporo YMCA College.
  • Summer Camp Counselors – Each summer we have staff that come from other countries to help with camp.  We have had counselors come from Australia, Columbia, England, Scotland and Switzerland.
  • Homestay Families – Local community members host our international visitors by having them stay in their homes and help with meals and transportation. 
  • World Service Campaign – Each year our local Y contributes to the World Service Campaign that distributes resources to Ys in other countries operating in difficult social and economic conditions.  Take a look at the 2017 brochure
  • World YWCA and YMCA Week of Prayer and World Fellowship – Each year in November, Y’s around the globe emphasize prayer and fellowship.  Take a look at the 2016 program guide.