Mission & Goals


Our Mission:

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Our Cause:

The YMCA strengthens community by focusing on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Our Values:

  • Caring – Show a sincere concern for others
  • Honesty – Be truthful in what you say and do
  • Respect – Follow the golden rule
  • Responsibility – Be accountable for your promises and actions

Our Voice:

  • Nurturing – To care for, support, and help develop through encouragement
  • Genuine – To be honest and open in relationships with others
  • Hopeful – To take an optimistic or positive view of future outcomes
  • Determined – To devote full strength and attention to the cause
  • Welcoming – To accept neighbors eagerly, warmly and hospitably

Our Plan:

The YMCA was founded in England in 1844 and our Y, the Rogue Valley Family YMCA, was founded 100 years later in Medford, Oregon in 1944.  Since our founding, the Y has addressed critical social issues and delivered lasting personal and social change in communities locally and in 119 countries around the world.  This is the Y’s legacy.   Our promise is to build on this legacy by expanding learning spaces for children, continuing to revitalize the current facility, and exploring opportunities in other towns.  YMCA’s are committed to delivering innovative solutions, transformative experiences, and accessible opportunities to counter the issues disrupting the cohesion of communities.  We are shifting from being viewed as just a community center to being the center of community by engaging new populations and deepening relationships driven by our new equity statement.  Our strategic priorities draw on the inspiration and direction from the board of directors with input from staff, volunteers, partners, donors, members, and program participants.  To learn more check out the full 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

Our Goals:

1. Expand learning spaces for childrenWe will convert the building and land in East Medford, renovate or replace the Hoffbuhr House, and develop a long-term growth plan.

2. Revitalize the current facility.  We will paint the outside of the facility, improve parking lot lighting, install an aquatic center dehumidifier, redo the welcome center and fitness center, and order new cardio and circuit fitness equipment.

3. Explore opportunities in other towns.  We will explore Eagle Point gymnasiums and possible Community Campus project, Trail Outdoor School, Phoenix Plaza Civic Center programming, Jacksonville Community Center programming, and Central Point programming.

4. Refocus operations.  We will fundraise and finance at least $1,000,000, apply our new equity statement, increase membership, provide Y-wide trainings, and increase volunteer recruitment.

NEW! Equity Statement:

The Rogue Valley Family YMCA is committed to being a welcoming community for all people as they work toward achieving their full potential in spirit, mind, and body.  We believe that this can only happen when the members of the community feel safe and valued.  Therefore, the YMCA welcomes everyone from all dimensions of diversity.  Our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility guide our behavior as we work to engage diverse perspectives, promote equity, and ensure inclusiveness for the benefit of the entire community.

Our Finances:

The YMCA is supported by the community through dues, fees and donations.  We are a 3 million dollar organization with revenues of approximately 27% in membership dues, 58% in program fees and 15% in donations.  We spend approximately 72% on wages, 8% on occupancy, 8% on supplies & equipment, 2% on financing and 10% on other expenses.  Our legal name is the Young Men’s Christian Association of Medford, Oregon.  Our tax id number is 93-0391645.  To see the details of our finances, or any non-profit organization, then visit GuideStar.