Corporate Memberships


Any business, agency or organization with five or more employees can participate in the YMCA corporate membership employee wellness program.  Healthy employees are happy employees who are more productive and have fewer sick days.  Employers might realize lower expenses associated with health care costs.  Offered as an employment benefit, the business, agency or organization must pay for all of their employee’s membership dues. 

What does the YMCA offer your employees who join?

  • No joining fees and no contracts for anyone.
  • No limitations, full access to Y facilities and programs.  All group exercise classes, water fitness classes and nutrition workshops included.
  • One body composition analysis for each employee that becomes a Y member.
  • One personal training session for each employee that becomes a Y member.
  • One fitness challenge or mini-triathlon event for each employee that becomes a Y member.
  • One on-site “Lunch & Learn” healthy living talks per year for the employer.  This is where a YMCA fitness professional comes to your place of business to discuss exercise options, healthy eating, workplace stretches, etc.
  • One complimentary facility rental per year for the employer.  This is good for a staff retreat, family swim party, employee game night, etc.

What do your employees need to know?

  • Each employee must present a copy of their company ID badge or most current paycheck stub with photo ID at the time of enrollment.

What are the requirements for a business to participate as a corporate member?

  • A minimum of five employees must have an active YMCA membership.
  • The employer will allow the YMCA to send all employees information through emails, newsletters, flyers and paycheck stuffers.
  • The employer will post information about upcoming YMCA events and programs on the company intranet site, bulletin boards, break rooms, etc.

For more information or to meet with the Membership Coordinator then please contact us. Staff List