Personal Fitness


Healthier New You Wellness Program

If you are looking to lose weight and feel healthier, this is a great place to start. This is a group-centered program with nutrition, fitness, health coaching and personal training to support your individual needs to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Fee: $290 for Y members.  Jackson Care Connect pays the fee for its members.

Junior Wellness

A 8 week wellness program for youth ages 7 to 11 and for teens ages  12 to 16.  This program focuses on increasing physical activity and developing healthy nutrition habits for youth who want to achieve a healthy weight.  Includes a weekly group workout and take-home education with daily challenges to improve eating habits, reduce screen time and increase activity that engages not only the youth but the entire family.  Fee: $150 for Y members.  Jackson Care Connect pays the fee for its members.

Fitness Orientation

This 45 minute session is a great way to get familiar with the equipment, programs and classes offered at the YMCA.  You will meet one of our staff members and have your fitness questions answered.  We are here to help you with your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.  Schedule your orientation at the welcome center.  Included with membership.

Personal Training

Our trainers are dedicated to help you reach your fitness goals. We match you with a personal trainer based on your preferences. The trainer will assess your goals and design a personalized and easy to follow program for you.  Sessions may take place anywhere in our facility such as the fitness center, aquatics center, gymnasium, aerobic studio and mind-body room. Our personal training staff have diverse training and specialize in weight loss, strength training, muscle development, body building, power lifting, sport conditioning, flexibility training, water fitness, running fitness, functional training and advanced core training. Fee: $40 per hour.  Personal training packages come in 3 one-hour sessions for $115 or 5 one-hour sessions for $190 or 10 one-hour sessions for $350. If you purchase any personal training package then you also receive a body composition.

Body Composition

We offer to record your weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, lean body mass and target weight. Fee: $10.

Nutrition Counseling

We will discuss your nutrition needs and dietary habits and make a plan customized for you.  This may consist of an individual meal plan, specific calorie counts for weight loss, helpful tips and suggestions, making grocery lists, and more.  Fee: $20 for a 30 minute session.