Water Fitness


All YMCA water fitness classes are included with membership! Instructors offer modifications to movements to assist those at different levels or those with injuries. The swimming pool is 83° and the therapy pool is 97°. The seasonal water fitness schedule is always on the home page quick links complete with times and instructors. The YMCA has classes each week so choose from the following:

1. Aqua ZUMBA – Has the passion, music and Latin dance steps of ZUMBA.  This energetic, low impact workout is easy on the joints.
2. Deep Water Fitness
– Participants wear aqua jogger belts and use water weights to get a full body and cardiovascular workout.
3. Sassy Seniors – Low intensity water fitness offers a wonderful social aspect and includes stretching, flexibility and toning exercises.
4. Shallow Water Fitness – Stimulating full body exercise using water resistance to achieve a vigorous workout.
5. Therapeutic Mobility – A very gentle, water based class emphasizing stretching, joint mobility, range of motion and body awareness. Held in the therapy pool.
6. Water Step Aerobics – Low impact step aerobics using a step and water resistance for a full body workout.
7. Water Wellness – Range of motion and balance exercises designed to help cope with the varied symptoms of MS, Fibromyalgia and post-op rehabilitation. Tailored to your fitness level.

Prenatal Fitness – Shallow Water Fitness, Water Step Aerobics and Water Wellness classes are good choices for fitness while pregnant.

Lap Swimming – One of the best non-impact work-outs. Our lap swim requires people to share a lane by circle swimming counter clockwise. Private lanes are not available. For lap swimming times or to learn the busy and slow times in the pool, check the water fitness schedule or contact the Aquatic Coordinator.

Our pool is UV! The UV system simply disinfects water while passing by an UltraViolet light bulb. It is better than saline pools and much better than chlorine pools. It is better for you, better for the environment and saves money. No more chlorine smell, no more burning eyes, no more itchy skin, and your bathing suits will last longer.