Pear Blossom Run Scholarships

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Pear Blossom Run Scholarships

Pear Blossom Run Scholarships are available to benefit qualifying high school senior runners.  To apply for a 2022 scholarship (amounts range from $500 to $2,500) complete the application form and return it postmarked no later than March 18, 2022.

The 2021 scholarship winners shown are Reed Pryor (left), Milan Hague (middle), and Cameron Stein (right). They are all from Ashland High School.

Over $119,000 in college scholarship monies have been awarded since 1985 to graduating Jackson County high school seniors who have been active in cross-country or long distance running.  Winners are selected for running ability and academic standing plus recommendations from teachers and coaches.  Take a look at the previous winners listed below.

Donations to the Pear Blossom Run Scholarship Foundation come from your tax deductible donation added to the entry form, matching funds based on runner’s donations, Southern Oregon Runners race proceeds, and Dermatology and Laser Associates of Medford.  The Pear Blossom Run Scholarship Foundation is a charitable, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Past Pear Blossom Run Scholarship Winners

• Reed Pryor, Ashland
• Milan Hague, Ashland
• Cameron Stein, Ashland

• Presley Robison, Crater
• Faith Schultz, Grants Pass
• EJ Holland, Ashland

• Daniel Beckstead, Grants Pass
• Reed Hungerford, South Medford
• Jantz Tostenson, Crater
• Alexa Hague, Ashland
• Hazel Richards, Ashland
• Lupita Alegria, Phoenix

• Claire Ebert, North Medford
• Luke Ramirez, South Medford
• Andy Monroe, Crater
• Ariana Marks, Crater
• Nathan Burton, Grants Pass
• Melody McGrath, Grants Pass

• Tyler Blind, Illinois Valley
• Nathan Edwards, Crater
• Griffin Hokanson, Crater
• Margaret Faliano, Crater

• Jordon Monroe, Crater
• Amy Watson, South Medford
• Marissa Dobry, St. Mary’s

• Devin Rodman, Crater
• Timothy McPherson, Cascade Christian
• Nevina DeLuca, Phoenix
• Lela Stemple, South Medford

• Ethan Cannon, South Medford
• Gracie Tostenson, Crater
• Raymond Schireman, North Medford

• Niko Tutland, South Medford
• Carmen Mejia, South Medford
• Camden Stemple, South Medford

• Lauren Morgan, South Medford
• Neil Seibert, Crater

• Ryan Perry, South Medford
• Jennifer Zhu, North Medford
• Jessica Vig, Crater
• Max Runia, Crater

• Mary Bennion, St. Mary’s
• Camelia Mayfield, Ashland
• Andrew Jordan, North Medford
• Josh Elliott, Crater
• Morgan Martin, St. Mary’s
• Cole Watson, Rogue River

• Kayleigh Tyerman, Crater
• Piper Delany, South Medford
• Zach Elliot, Crater
• Elliot Jantzer, Phoenix

• Riley Swanson, Crater
• Aria Hemphill, Ashland
• Josh Paul, North Medford

• Brittany Dunn, North Medford
• Jake Keyser, Crater
• Kristen Haga, Crater

• Tyler Davis, Phoenix
• Natalie Hemphill, Ashland
• Marci Klimek, Phoenix
• Isaac Stoutenburgh, Crater

• Kendel Nelson, Crater
• Andrew Wright, Ashland
• Brianne Hwang, North Medford
• Scott Rowan, South Medford

• Danielle Jordon, North Medford
• Christopher McLean, South Medford
• Kyle Gillette, Phoenix

• Leah Sawyer, St. Mary’s
• Nathan May, Phoenix

• Lauren Fety, Rogue River
• Shaun Olson, South Medford

• Paris Edwards Ashland
• Trevor Coolidge, St. Mary’s

• Martina Patella, St. Mary’s
• Perry Custance, South Medford