Track & Field

Track & Field

Trying to win is natural but it is not the primary focus at the YMCA. When you choose to participate in YMCA youth sports know that every player gets to play in every game and the games are exciting and fun. We encourage fair play, positive competition, plus family and community involvement with youth.

Our Track & Field program is a great way to work on individual growth and skill-building. Instructional Track & Field is fantastic for introducing youth to the sport as it emphasizes pushing oneself in building agility, speed, overall body coordination, and learning the sport as a whole).

Practices will be instructional and led by a volunteer coach each week. Volunteer coaches are caring adults from the community, and often even have their own child in the sport. All coaches go through a background check as well as a coaches training that emphasizes the importance of skill-building and teaching the core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

We hope to see you on the track/field!

SCHOLARSHIPS – If you are needing a scholarship to help with the cost of the program, please click here to learn more.