SPRINT 8 Challenge

SPRINT 8 Challenge

Are you looking for a new way to build muscle, burn fat and improve your health? Then join the 8 week Sprint 8 challenge!

The Sprint 8 workout is an optimized intensity-based training program. If you are intimidated by the word sprint, don’t worry, all fitness levels are encouraged to take this challenge and the program is available on a variety of equipment to meet your individual needs. The workout consists of a 3 minute warm-up, followed by intervals of 30 seconds maximum effort, 90 seconds recovery repeated 8 times with a 2 minute cooldown for a total of 20 MINUTES!

The benefits of this science backed program are increased production of your natural HGH (human growth hormone), decreased body fat, increased muscle, increased energy, improved heart health, and increased metabolism. The beauty of this maximal result workout is that it only takes 20 minutes, 3 times per week.

There will be prizes and incentives throughout the challenge and a grand prize winner upon successful completion of the 8 week challenge.

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? Join us for this FREE challenge and REGISTER now! For more information on the Sprint 8 program visit  Sprint 8: Interval Training for Maximum Results, Minimum Time

SPRINT-ember (Fall 2022)

Rogue Valley
9/12/22 - 11/6/22

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09/12/22 - 11/06/22